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Composite Bonding - your Bournemouth Dentist



Dental bonding can significantly improve your smile by filling in gaps, chips, or cracks in the teeth with tooth-coloured composite resin. It can also lengthen teeth that are too short or correct teeth that are misshapen. A small amount of resin will be added to the affected tooth or teeth to improve its proportions, colour and appearance. It is a quick and painless procedure that can be reversed if desired.


The composite will perfectly match the colour of your teeth to ensure a natural result, and so that no one will notice any difference from a natural tooth or teeth. Combined with whitening bonding can provide fantastic aesthetic results.


Composite bonding is a more affordable alternative to some cosmetic dental treatments like veneers.


The Benefits of Dental Bonding


  • Fills in gaps, chips, or cracks, black triangles
  • Lengthens teeth
  • Corrects misshapen teeth
  • Repairs decayed teeth (fills cavities)
  • Improves discoloured teeth
  • Non Invasive and affordable treatment


Before/After pictures

All cases completed at Finest Smile Dental Studio:



CASE 1 - Black Triangles


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CASE 2 - Correction of incisal edges


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CASE 3 - Gum Recession, Erosions


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CASE 4 - Gum Recession, Erosion


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CASE 5 - Reshaping of Gums and Bonding


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CASE 6 - "6 Month Smiles Fast" Orthodontic Treatment and Bonding


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CASE 7 - "6 Month Smiles" Fast Orthodontic Treatment, Whitening and Bonding


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CASE 8 - Black Triangle


dentist bournemouth



CASE 9 - Remake of Old Composite Fillings


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